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Never Give Up!


In 2018, Patricia was arrested for driving under the influence. The situation escalated when it was discovered that her child was in the back seat of the car. After a year of fighting her case in court, Patricia was convicted and sentenced to four years’ probation and required to complete multiple classes and programs. Her license was also suspended which led to a snowball of events including losing her job, creating the inability to pay her fines, and ultimately losing custody of her child.


This was the ultimate breaking point for Patricia. Losing her child and not being able to work took a toll on her mentally. This led to depression and being arrested twice more for not paying her fines. She was trying to find work, but finding a job in her previous profession, healthcare, seemed impossible due to her convictions and limitations. She did not know what to do, but knew she had to get help and she needed to get her child back.


The initial program Patricia contacted was closing its doors, so they referred her to H.I.R.E. for help. She hoped to gain guidance on her situation and also assistance in finding a job but was apprehensive of accepting help and fearful of being judged or looked down upon.


At H.I.R.E., she was met with none of that. After enrolling in services, Patricia received assistance reconstructing her resume in an effective manner and support and guidance for her legal matters. H.I.R.E. ultimately provided her with a character letter which helped in getting her case dismissed.

“I kept on working with H.I.R.E. because I needed someone to give me advice or guide me on which way to go, otherwise, I probably would have been just stuck in a hole.” - Patricia

H.I.R.E. also provided her with job opportunities and food assistance. Through hard work, and dedication, Patricia has found her passion helping others deal with addiction and recovery. She is gainfully employed and hopes to one day become a drug and alcohol counselor.

“I found what my true passion is and that’s actually helping people that are in the same boat as I was… I see a really good future with this moving forward.” - Patricia

Patricia is still working to gain custody of her child and rebuild that relationship. H.I.R.E. will be with her every step of the way.

“[After reaching out to H.I.R.E] I have a job now, I can now say that I’m able to support myself. I have more trust in people, people who work in social services or even the justice system.” - Patricia

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