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Community Impact

Who We Serve


93% of Formerly Incarcerated People Who Contact Us Are In Need of Employment Assistance.
46% Request Housing Assistance
20% Request Other Supportive Services


100% of clients were considered low-income with majority reporting $0 income

67% had what is considered a "serious" conviction. 45% had at least one felony, 21% had at least one misdemeanor and 34% had at least one of both. 

61% were unemployed, 19% employed part-time and 6% had "gig" employment



2023 Community Impact


1,105 People received some type of service from H.I.R.E.
68 Direct Service
76 Mentoring
28 Workforce Workshops
363 Resource Fair
153 Youth Fair
195 CalAssist Linkages
23 T.I.M.E. Volunteers
199 Community Meetings


70 Volunteers & Interns Provided 3,040 Volunteer Hours
Which Translates to $95,656 of In-Kind Support.


73% of Job Seekers were placed into quality employment averaging $20.88/hour across a variety of industries.


We Provided 8 Community or Subcommittee Meetings, 2 documentary screenings for networking and education purposes, which benefitted 199 service providers and community members

2021 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report

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Impact Report

Glass Buildings

Client Success

H.I.R.E. clients work hard to turn their lives around. Read about some of their stories! 

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